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Webinar: Waterhammer Mitigation Strategy

Let’s say you have a 50-year-old nuclear power plant that is experiencing a number of undiagnosed failures and leaks in the fire protection network…what do you do? 

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Behind the Scenes of a PMTG Project

Engineers working at Purple Mountain Technology Group (PMTG) have been involved with a wide range of projects over the years. These projects may each have a unique industry, customer, or location, but they all have a common denominator: the analysis method used by a PMTG engineer.

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Webinar: Check Valve Selection to Minimize Water Hammer

Hosted by the Hydraulic Institute, Purple Mountain Engineer, Dylan Witte, P.E., will address how a check valve operates within a system. The presentation will begin with a review of the fundamentals of waterhammer, then delve into an overview of check valve selection before moving to how to solve operational problems. It will conclude with a case study which illustrates analysis methods. Key learning objectives to take away are:

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Podcast: Why You Should Worry About Waterhammer

Purple Mountain Technology Group sat down with Pumps & Systems magazine to discuss why you should worry about waterhammer, the damage it can do, and how to fix it. Listen to the podcast and learn how to identify waterhammer and what you should do to fix it.

Witte passes PE Exam

Dylan Witte Receives P.E. Designation

Dylan Witte, EIT just became Dylan Witte, P.E.! Dylan began modeling career with Applied Flow Technology and then transferred to Purple Mountain Technology Group where he consults engineers around the world on hydraulic flow modeling and analysis. Dylan is highly respected by PMTG clients as he handles their toughest, and time-critical projects. Congratulations Dylan!

WEFTEC 2019 Roundup

WEFTEC 2019 Roundup

You never know where business may come from! I just got back from WEFTEC with AFT’s Reinaldo Pinto and with BLACOH Industries. It was a highly productive trip, both personally and professionally. Sharing a both with BLACOH helps cement our expertise as waterhammer experts. The ability to show exactly what waterhammer is using BLAOCH’s test stand to those with little to no experience and then immediately show how it was modeled using

Webinar: How to Determine Your Worst Case Scenario for Surge Analysis

Webinar: How to Determine Your Worst Case Scenario for Surge Analysis

How do you determine which specific cases are going to give you the worst response you need to design for?

High-Pressure Water Pipeline

High-Pressure Water Pipeline

By using PMTG’s expertise and modeling services our client was able to protect not only this system, but three other similar water pipelines from pressure surges associated with pump failures and start-ups.